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Arcade MachinesArcade Machines - Arcade machines can be found in lots of places like video arcades, bowling alleys, movie theaters and other places. We cover the following and more; arcade dart machines, arcade machines for sale, classic and used machines.

There are many DDR arcade machine for sale like Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA and In The Groove 2. There are even DDR games available for video game consoles like Dance Dance Revolution DDR Max.

DDR Arcade Machine for Sale

Dance Dance Revolution, or DDR (known as Dancing Stage in Europe), is a music video game series produced by Konami. It was first introduced to Japanese video arcades in 1998, after being shown at the Tokyo Game Show earlier that year. Since then there have been many DDR arcade machine for sale in North America and Europe and the game has gained significant popularity elsewhere in the world. As of 2005, over 90 official versions have been produced, including those for home video game consoles. Taken from Wikipedia.

Dance Dance Revolution DDR Max

The global smash-hit dancing sensation comes to the PlayStation2 with DDR Max: Dance Dance Revolution. The most robust DDR title ever, this is the definitive version of the game, and has gamers jumping to their feet with more than 65 songs, including licensed tracks and international dance hits.

Ddr max
New from $39.99
Used from $3.99

The power of the PlayStation2 enables full-motion music videos and high-resolution graphics. Game modes include an edit mode, which allows players to customize their dance routines, and a workout mode that tracks calories burned during play. Buy here.

All prices quoted on this page are indicative US prices at September 2006 - prices may change - please check with the retailer.

DDR Arcade Machine for Sale Links

Amazon - The DDR Max Playstation game featured on this page is available to buy online from this website. Ships to the USA only. www.amazon.com

Wikipedia - Further information about DDR arcade machines. en.wikipedia.org

BMI Gaming - The featured Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA & In The Groove 2 DDR arcade machine for sale can be purchased online from this website. Ships Internationally. www.bmigaming.com

Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA

The all-new Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA will sport more than 2,000 different dance patterns and over 300 songs in this brand new edition! The music library in this DDR arcade machine for sale will draw on a wide variety of musical genres from famous smash-hit songs and Konami original tunes.

Ddr arcade machine (Click to enlarge)
DDR arcade machine
Price: $ 15,975

An all-new game engine based on a new Konami graphics board provides full 3D on-screen graphics, which will be used to animate the onscreen dancers, a first for any DDR machine, as well as play a variety of music videos!!! The new DDR arcade machine for sale will also sport a game tutorial mode for novices, and a "battle mode" to let those with more seasoned DDR soles rock !! Buy here.

In The Groove 2 DDR Arcade Machine

In the Groove 2 features over 130 songs, over 1200 step patterns and challenging expert steps to keep the game fresh. Novice on-screen "helper" to assist beginning players, and up to 5 difficulty levels per song, per style, accommodates all players from first time beginners to experts.

Ddr machine (Click to enlarge)
DDR machine

There are three styles of play: One player, two player, or double-pad. Fast menu and 2-minute songs means spending more time playing, and innovations in step choreography - mines, hands, and quads will have you making new kinds of moves. The USB memory card reader on this DDR arcade machine for sale lets players take advantage of tons of great features. Buy here.

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